About This Course

Get the friendly, easy-to-follow help you need to leverage the benefits of using Google's apps and features. I invite you to take advantage of the strategies and skills I've developed over many years as an online tech coach, licensed and certified speech-language pathologist, and assistive technology specialist! I'm also the mother of four young adults and very involved in eldercare.  I know what it's like to be pulled in multiple directions at once and short on time. My mission is to try to make your life easier and to help reduce stress!

Google now offers many free customizable tools that that go way beyond searching for information online. Google products can be used to improve life for students and adults in school, at home, at work and out in the community.  The problem is, most people don’t realize that these resources exist, especially those who need them the most! Even if you do already use some of the Google apps, you may benefit from learning how others have creatively used them and learn about wonderful new updates.

Life is busy. I get that! I've worked hard to streamline the process for you to get you up and running with confidence using Google apps on your computer, your phone and other mobile devices. The content will remain available for until the end of 2021.