5 Free Ways to Make Reading Easier

Learn 5 FREE ways you can use right now to make reading easier.

If you are like me, you are looking for ways to use your phones, tablets and computers to make life just a bit easier.

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Many reliable sources estimate that at least one of every 10 individuals in the US, UK or Canada have dyslexia or other reading challenge. Many people who may benefit from having words, sentences, paragraphs and even books read aloud aren’t aware of how to make it happen.

As I work with families, empowering them with the knowledge of how they can have their computers, phones and tablets read aloud is one of the first tech tools we review. Many of my favorite solutions are actually free and use the devices you already own.

In this free mini- course, I highlight 5 free ways to use a device you may already have to help you read. I’ll show you how to use your phone or tablet to read digital text aloud, read aloud text that is posted online or in a Google document, and more.

Get Instant Access To:

#1) Use your iDevice to help you read small labels on medicine bottles or a menu in a dark restaurant
#2) Use your phone to read words aloud

#3) Read aloud text in a Google Document from a computer

#4) Enable a feature to use your computer to read aloud a Microsoft Word document

#5) Access free digital books if you are a US Student with a documented print disability

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