>> Are you craving help to feel more confident using the Google apps everyone else seems to have figured out? They can be used on most types of phones, tablets and computers. This course is just what you’ve been looking for!

>> Is your email inbox overflowing? We will learn to snooze emails, use labels, and get off subscription lists to minimize the clutter.

>> Could you use help getting better organized so you don’t miss important appointments? Learn more about using Google’s Calendar(s) with different viewing options, color coding, and reminders to help you stay on track.

>>Are you overwhelmed with everything you need to complete in a day? Reduce stress, learn to strategize and prioritize your to-do list, and figure out a system that works for you with Tasks, Keep, and Calendar!

>>Have you heard about “bookmarking” websites for easy access or signing into Chrome to easily use all your Google apps from any computer? We’ll show you exactly how to do it!

>>Would you like to learn about a free way to video chat with people who use all types of phones, tablets, and computers? Google Meet may be the solution you didn’t know existed!

>>Have you ever wished you had access to an important document you forgot at home? We will learn about Google Drive and how to set it up with online folders where you can store files and have the option to use them if you can’t get an Internet connection. There’s even a way to safeguard important family medical documents.

>>Would you like to learn how to use voice typing in Google Docs if speaking is easier than typing? It’s already included in the free app!

>>Are you curious about how to create online digital photo albums that you can easily share with others? You can search for specific people or places and find images to share within seconds.

"I created this uniquely effective course that will become available on January 8th, 2024! "

Joan Green

My passion is to help people of all ages and abilities to increase independence, productivity, and connection. So many of us need help to leverage tech's benefits, but it's hard to know where to get it. That's why I created this course!

I believe in empowering others through affordable, cutting-edge technologies that many of us already have in our homes, schools, and workplaces.

It makes my day when I see that lightbulb moment in someone's eyes when they realize that just a few small changes can help overcome challenges!

>>Take advantage of the strategies and skills I’ve developed as an online tech coach, licensed and certified speech-language pathologist, and assistive technology specialist. I’m also the mother of four adults and am very involved in elder care. I know what it’s like to be pulled in multiple directions simultaneously and short on time. My mission is to help you overcome barriers to success and reduce stress!

>>Google now offers many free customizable tools beyond searching for information online. The problem is most people don’t realize these resources exist, especially those who need them the most!

>>I’ve structured this updated course so you choose to learn in a variety of different ways. Are you someone who likes to read the information? Prefer to watch videos? Want to interact with others online? Desire 1:1 help? Do you want to print out a short reference guide? We’ve got all that covered!

>>Each chapter has material for beginners as well as more advanced Google users. There will be opportunities to read new information and watch videos.

>>This is a unique opportunity to finally figure out a system that works for you!

>> Want to learn with a group of friends or multiple family members? Fantastic! Send me an email at Joan@innovativespeech.com for group rates for 4 or more.

Get Going with Google in 2024!

Gain the confidence and competence you need in this updated signature course!

Learn to use free Google apps to Improve Organization, Productivity, Learning, Memory and Communication.

Get the friendly, easy-to-follow help you need and uncover hidden gems in Google apps

>>Are you the type of person who does best learning with others and wants to experience live sessions with the instructor? Great! The course is set up for live interactions for 5 weeks.

*Every Monday morning, you'll gain access to well-organized and content-filled chapters covering the basics and optional advanced topics, accessibility features, and implementation strategies.

* On Tuesdays from 1:00-2:30 PM ET, we will meet on Zoom to review the week's chapters. Carefully guided lessons will help you strategically start to use free Google apps that can streamline your routines and help you overcome challenges. We will cover Google Keep, Google Calendar, Google Tasks, personal Gmail, Google Maps, Google Chrome, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Lens, and Google Meet.

*On Thursdays from 7:00-8:00 PM E,T we will meet again on Zoom for implementation strategies and Q & A. Motivating content with relatable stories and scenarios will help you prioritize and implement practical solutions.

>> Do you prefer to learn at your own pace independently? That's fine too!

* You'll benefit from watching the recordings of the live sessions that will be added to the course.

>>Helpful digital downloads will be provided with each chapter for future reference.

>>A Certificate of completion is available upon request, when you’ve successfully completed the course!

This course if for you if:

>>You could use help figuring out how to sign into Chrome on a computer.

>>You are a “digital immigrant” trying to become more tech-savvy.

>>You are trying to help a student or older adult get more benefit from their personal devices.

>>You are eager to be shown how to stay organized in order to keep up with everything you need to do.

>>You realize that you need someone else to streamline this process for you. It’s just too overwhelming and frustrating to move forward alone and you are motivated to invest your time and money to get the results you want.

By the end of this course, you'll have...

  • More TIME to do the things you enjoy!
  • Less stress in your life.
  • A system unique to your needs to help you overcome obstacles.
  • More confidence and competence using your devices.
  • Resources to help you keep learning!

Frequently Asked Questions


When are the live sessions and what if I'm not available?

We meet on Tuesdays from 1:00-2:30 PM ET on Zoom for an overview of the week's content.

The second weekly Zoom session is on Thursday evenings from 7:00-8:00 PM ET on Zoom for Q&A and discussion of implementation strategies.

All live sessions will be recorded and added to course content.

Calendar icon

What if I fall behind?

All of the course content will remain available until at least June 1, 2024.

Comments from past participants...

“I’m so glad I took this course! It’s been more informative than I imagined and upped my productivity immensely!” S.L.

“I’m long retired and really appreciate the satisfying information you provide in such an effective and non-threatening way. You are a gem to provide as you do! “L. L.

As I took your course, it was like a light switch was flicked. I’ve learned how to use Google apps and help my son so much better with the accessibility features you highlighted to assist with reading and writing. It made all the difference for him! ” J.P.

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